Halloween Horror

Years ago on a dark autumn night
one which none can love with any delight.
The ground was still yellow,
and the glowing pumpkins were mellow.


Back then I was a damnable fellow,
No less than a devil’s bedfellow
I was still a teen,
And it was only Halloween
My evil wits had already planned
of placing death in a child’s hand.

When he returned from trick or treating
Little did he know that it was death he was eating.
I survived from the aftermath
For no clues were discovered from the labyrinth.

Years later it was again the night,
which children love with O’ so much delight.
It was joyous wait for my first born,
but I should have been better fore warned.

For death had come again draped in a candy
and took my child without his cherubic body

Every night since I meet him evermore,
Asking if I could spare some candy for him anymore?


Chipped Away

Years ago, the world was your oyster
The paths were beautiful and the will had muster
Dreams were meant to be realized there
And steps took you somewhere.

Days passed and the hope as chipped away
By emails, by meetings and on the keyboard it was tapped away
Desires, and dreams went astray
For you were chipped away

Mindless drone and business took over
Doing something new took forever
Soon it was too late to start again
For failure couldn’t be risked again

False mentors and failed appraisals meant more
True grit and hard work didn’t deliver anymore
It was the end of a life well meant
Lived young and at 25 you went.

Could there be a different way?
Away from the fear of losing the monthly pay?
For you do not earn back the time you lose
In the end it doesn’t matter which deals you close.

The above is an ode to our daily jobs, which often leave us unfulfilled at the end of the day, chasing deadlines which lose their significance as soon as they are over, and the next one takes over.

Silent Conversations

You walk ahead with amazing confidence and composure,
  my eyes follow you because you are my cynosure
I wonder if you know that I desperately keep you in my vision,
  secretly hoping for you to turn and give me a glance before you escape my horizon.

Your smile is like the silvery dew drops on a spring morning,
 infectious and positive it leaves me beaming.
I hope to confine this moment forever in my mind,
  for i do not know when else would life be so kind.

Those eyes mesmerize me each moment,
putting my heart into a sweet torment.
They speak without verses,
 questions, answers and even curses.

But its your face which really heals me without a touch,
just a glimpse of this concoction makes my day.
that I don’t need any more words to say…


The above poem is still not perfected…there are gaps (specially towards the end). Suggestions anyone?