One more move, again

This is probably the running theme for a while now, running that is…from one town to another, from one country to another.

As I write this down, sipping a Starbucks coffee just because I can use their wifi, I am again in a new town trying to get some work done (by writing a blog post?) with the lack of internet access at the new apartment.

So we moved again, this time as the missus got a job, after a very long wait and its the one worth having. So we decided to move to a nearby town of Cologne, and commute, and this is how the cookie is now crumbling from today.

Strangely, after so many moves in the last year itself, its much less stressful now, but this time around I think it’ll be much longer.

To new beginnings and newer towns…!


Change ist nicht gut.

The last few months have been extremely busy, with tonnes of changes. There was this blog post I wanted to write about our last days in Switzerland, but never got the time to do it.

Since May, we returned to India, holed up in Kolkata and now have moved to Frankfurt. In the process of all this, our lives have been completely whirled around with incessant travel, living in less than satisfactory home for a few weeks, and again packing to move to another country. In the midst of all this, we managed to learn a bit of German, and have just completed a week in Deutschland.

Yet to figure out the town, finish searching a home, registering with the authorities and a lot of other crucial questions about the Zukunft remain. I, this time around, am not that thrilled.

The move – Final Frontier

Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need.

Sometime in 2010, when I was setting up living in Kolkata, India; I had talked about how my  mother craved for me to buy bigger products aimed at a family life. I had, painstakingly, defended my bachelor position for a good 17 months after that. I finally capitulated in November last year; but then I moved back to Zurich and continued to live in a limbo.

Since November, I was a married guy, still living the bachelor life, waiting for her to join me. The last post is an indication enough of our long wait, luckily she will be joining me in the next few days.

I have been busy packing since morning to move to an apartment tomorrow meant for a family, trying to cram in everything in the limited set of bags which I possess. Its always strange to realize how one tends to gradually buy new stuff over a few months and then wonder when did it all accumulate. Coming back to the topic, this is my final move as a singleton, this marks the end of the bachelor pad era for me.

I had a good run, bought things only for my own use, ignored any product which could make an apartment homely, never cared about matching color schemes, family packs and tidiness beyond a bare minimum level. Got a TV for my Xbox, removed all silly Hindi channels from my cable network, got a cycle, bought small utensils, never bothered with storage boxes and ate out of packets!

I know it will be strange to live with a girl too, there will be a zillion things which will annoy us about each other, there will also be so many things I would be asked to care about. Its a transformation from indepedence to co-dependence on each other, its my first real step towards family life. Will it be easy? I don’t think so, but I know that each phase has its own relevance, while I enjoyed living like this, I am looking forward to the next step.

Here’s to The Move, cheers!