The Sour Apple

Dear Tim Cook Ji,

First of all, let me admire your job. It is not an easy one, some pretty large shoes to fill in no? Every once in a while, people on the road keep telling you what Jobs would have done. I am sure you get enough comparisons to make you nervous as well. But am no Apple fan boy, am a user, who loves good products.

On Friday last week, I upgraded to the all new iOS 6, frankly I was very hopeful. Afterall, it was the big update. But I took a safer approach, having read about the new Maps application I updated only my iPad to this new one. Afterall, I had been longing to listen to Siri on my iPad and to annoy my wifey to no end with its failing to understand my Indian accent.

Anyways, my alarm bells went up when the update timer on the iPad started behaving like your own foe Microsoft’s windows copy dialog box. Hello, 2 minutes remaining…oh wait…42 minutes left…no no no…just 1 minute remaining! Frankly, I just though you recruited someone from MS to write that code!

But the similarity from MS did not end there, the OS itself resembled the MS quality. Here is what started to happen:

  • Maps – Ah! Why do I spend more time praising the application which does not work, when smart folks here and here have already illustrated its brilliance. Luckily, we did not upgrade my wife’s iPhone. The weekend trip was saved due to old Map App.
  • Safari – Hmm…I was looking at the transport network in Venice on Saturday, and today is Monday. I remember closing the tab ages ago, but every time I open Safari since then I can see the transport network for a split second. Why?
  • Facebook – Yeah, the integration sounds so cool. However, my wifey now has to struggle lot more to use the app on days which we want to share it.
  • Backward Compatibility – Seriously, most of the old apps are just crashing suddenly. Ever since the update, each day I have to religiously update more apps to make them work. Why dis Tim Cook ji?
  • App Store – I don’t like it anymore, no ji, now each app i search pops up and I have to scroll a lot more. It was easier earlier no? Do you use it yourself?
  • Siri – Thank you for bringing Siri ji to the iPad. I like it, all she helps me is in setting alarms and telling weather.

Enough said, I didn’t like the updates, caused more hassle than adding those tiny 200 features which are slowly creeping up.

Hopefully you will take note and maybe make the next iOS as the biggest thing since iOS.

Yours Apple-ly,



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