Buying shoes : Not a retail therapy this!

Long long time ago, I was diagnosed with flat feet. As a kid I hardly understood the meaning of it, except that the doctor prescribed me shoes with arches and forbade me to wear canvas shoes. Thus for a good part of my childhood, I wore custom made leather shoes (which resembled army boots to some extent). Similar arches were installed into my leather slippers.

Every Saturday, the PT class was scheduled, each time I’d be rounded up by the monitors for not wearing the white tennis/canvas shoes. I’d be segregated from others, and I’d wait my turn to be attended by the gym teacher. I’d normally be let go after showing him the note from my parents explaining the reason why. One fine Saturday morning, the gym teacher slapped me, screaming that every week I had the same excuse for not wearing the shoes.

That was when I returned home and told my parents that I’d be wearing shoes like everyone else, being sorted out each week was not my cup of tea anymore.

Cut to my adulthood, buying shoes is a necessary evil for me. I’d resist entering a shoe store till its an extreme need. Most purchases will either take days (when I really want a comfortable shoe) or will be over in a minute, just to get over with it. Style does not matter as much, comfort is the criteria. However, often the comfort and fit do not work as planned as the shoes gets comfortable with me.

To all those people who feel that retail therapy and shoe shopping is fun, it isn’t for me and will never be.


2 thoughts on “Buying shoes : Not a retail therapy this!

  1. That’s not true anymore sweetie:-) I have seen u excited while buying shoes and slippers in Berlin… I know u are influenced by me a little I guess :-p

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