The Strangers in a Strange land

Imagine living a few thousand kilometers away from your family, cooped up on a single bed, working each day and saving money to send home. All this, with a constant fear of being deported or worse…threatened with your life.

Such was the case of the cleaner at McDonalds in Florence, a Bangladeshi immigrant works day in and day out in order to scrape through. We talked to the man and were saddened how people are mislead and cheated into misery. What was appaling was the fact that this man paid 17,000 EUR to a middleman to get there, in hope of a better life, only to be left earning 700 EUR per month. Italy is filled with Bangladeshi immigrant works selling souvenirs, trinkets, toys illegally on the roadside. Many had left their homeland by paying heftily to middlemen in search of hope.

This poor man, works 8 hours a day, pays 150 EUR for a single cot, another 150 EUR for food (for he gets a meal free at this employer) and the rest is sent back home after deducting the share of the middlemen. It further disappointed me to understand that an Indian middleman cheated him to his current state.

While the tough economic situations make politicos scream anti immigration, people fail to understand that many immigrants forgo all their family life and worldly desires in search for jobs. Stealing jobs is the last thing on their minds, all they want is to improve the situation of their families while missing out the childhood of their kids and the comfort of their home. What is worse is that there are people who take advantage of this need, and exploit people with false hope and charge them a fee which is 15 times the applicable visa fees. Misinformed and ill guided, they end us being strangers in a strange land, often at the mercy of their middlemen, left to a life is pseudo slavery.



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