2011 – Shape of things to come….

Sometime in February, I had written something about the Facebook Revolution; the year is now on its last day. Sadly, the revolutions have not yet resulted in stability and peace. In some cases, like Egypt, the savior army now seems villainous while in places like Syria, violence driven by the autocratic leaders has become the norm. It just stands to prove how short sighted was my view of expected outcomes of uprising. If there is one more additional wisdom I have earned on this, it is the fact that one cannot fast forward to self-rule or self-determination without going through the motions of the transformation. No NATO forces could get a nation back on the road to recovery until a support structure is ready by itself.

But enough of the uprisings, for I was to play soothsayer again…umm..wait I already talked about EU no? Hmm…its already 2012, and EU is still not disintegrated except for the Brits, who weren’t the part of it anyways…but…

The thing is, I am at pains to see that the Euro crises hasn’t gotten any better. Italy and Greece are already seeing new governments, Italy is already in recession. EU is expected to be in recession for the next year, we are in for tough times, tougher than we can visualize right now, because there is no eminent solution in sight. Its like someone hitting the snooze button and refusing to wake up, until the day is already bright enough that you can’t help it.

People still laugh at me when I mention that such a crises could have huge political and social repercussions, they say that its Europe not Africa. Well, here’s the logic…if you refer to the recent Youth Employment rates for EU(not this is NOT a direct percentage, click on the link and understand it). So the Youth Employment rates are as high as 48.9% in Spain and 45.1% in Greece, if this is compared to the Germany figures of 8.5% you will understand what I am referring to. The recent roits in UK may be a sign of what could happen. To complicate the situation, free movement of people across Europe allows citizens of one state to apply for a job in another, so for an already shrinking number of opportunities more people can apply. This in turn can lead to resentment in people belonging to an economically better off state, and is often used as an issue by the politicians to play upon.

Maybe my view is very cynical, afterall EU East consistently has bad youth unemployment, and we don’t see them screaming. But what we miss here is, for people who suddenly see themselves as not being better off or equally well off as their parents were, it means that the state is failing them…once the numbers start adding up it doesn’t matter if it were civilized europe.

Maybe am just being paranoid, but things back home also don’t seem ripe. The Parliament didn’t vote for Lokpal, Hazare just finished another fast. Its silly that some people say that he keeps doing his fasts again and again…he should do something different. Wonder if thats what people felt with Gandhi too. Indian rupee is the worst performing currency, market is down, inflation is up…well…just hope that 2012 is NOT like the 2012 Mayans predicted.

A ring, a ring o’ roses,
A pocket full o’posies-
Atishoo atishoo we all fall down


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