Unique feelings?

If you haven’t realized by now that I am quite cynical, I probably love being cynical. I’d try to dig out slivers of negativity from the most happiest times, would listen to sad tunes during cheerful days…why? Maybe its just the need to be different, to be able to see or experience which everyone else around is missing. Maybe am just creepy!

And so I got married (you should read my last post here) and had a nice trip to Bali and am back in the midst of cold Alps on what is the day of the Christmas eve. Someone had asked me to write about Bali, normally I would jump at the idea of writing a blog post on any new place visited. However, giving a review of your own honeymoon didn’t seem to make sense (no no, not the juicy details but of the location itself!).

I remember watching it on Discovery that the real moments of life which we truly remember are the ones which were unique experiences, this is exactly the reason we hardly seem to remember details of what we did 2 months ago on this date at office, because life is often very regulated(or as Morgan Freeman said, Institutionalized). The mind tends to recall most the specific moments which were unique, these could be visiting new places, first kiss, first love, first breakup, first job interview and so on…

Now the trip to Bali was something which I wanted to be unique, and it indeed was, yet today someone has pasted pictures on facebook about the same Island, their honeymoon and well a lot of similar places…and the trip suddenly doesn’t seem as unique as it was. Its strange, even the iPhone 4S which I bought standing in a queue here on the second day of its launch seems not so unique when I see some other newly wed bride getting the same from her hubby. Jeez…we first try to prove we are different and then we do all the same things as others! How predictable no?

But then, my experience in Bali or my emotions while buying the phone are unique to me, nobody in the same place even at the same time could feel the way as I did. That special feeling or experience is privy to me, it can never be duplicated.

Oh and one more thing, to have unique experiences one doesn’t need to do big things, sometimes even the smallest things are big enough to leave a sweet mark in our memories…

Here’s a song I love, Rob Thomas – Little Wonders


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