Unit of Time

A new year, a new month or a day…our days are divided into units of time. Many of us are often cynical about the celebrations for a new year, afterall it would be just another day on Jan 1 of a year as it was on 31st December. Nothing out of the ordinary would happen to our lives in the change of date. This argument is logically correct specially given the fact that different calendar systems provide us different points of reference for a new year.

But, inspite of all this, millions revel in hope and zeal that the next year shall be better. It is a psychological necessity for most of us to have a point of reference, to start over, to try again and harder. A small altercation with the boss, a reference to your sad past, a fight with family…all can be ignored in the hope of tomorrow. Afterall tomorrow is a new day! I wish one could gain the same psychological support in believing in the next hour, okay, the such and such event annoyed me to no end at 2.23 pm today, but hey…3 o’ clock is a new hour. I’ll just stand up, brush off the dust and move on!

One must not forget that while time is a great measure to slot our memories into decades, years, months and seasons…it is not a discrete measure but is ever changing and analog. Our words, feelings, work and ambitions are only relevant to us in our life time, in the big scheme of things, you simply do not matter. Like those giant dinosaurs, or elaborate civilizations we all have an expiry date, no single human can have an indelible impact on the large scale of time.

PS – A Light year is a measure of distance and not time, many still confuse themselves with its definition


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