The curious case of the whistler Assange

If you haven’t heard of Julian Assange, I’ll suggest you NOT to move anything further in reading this post. Do click the Back button on your Browser while you are at it!

Assange, the whistle blower, ex-hacker, and the pain in the arse for Governments around the world is touted to be one of the front runners to be the Time Man of the Year. This man has been on the run with an international manhunt launched on him, for his Wikileaks have shaken the core of administrations around the world.

Arrested yesterday, we may never see him free again, his website has been was brought down, attacked, bank accounts sealed, paypal accounts sealed, even the Swiss Post account locked out. Yet, thanks to Netizens around the globe, the documents are still out for anyone to peruse! Never before, since Osama, had we noticed such a mad rush to block out and bring down a single man. Has he killed anyone? Did he commit war crimes? What wrong has he done, that its necessary to clamp him down? He brought the truth out, thats what he did!

To me he is the most differentiating person I would have ever read about, straight out of those racy novels, a la Forsyth! What particular crimes has this man committed (except for the current Swedish charges?), he dared to publish and reveal the truth in multiple times…

What benefit did he achieve from bringing out the truth? Why didn’t he bargain and earn with the the truth? I do not know…maybe he wants to die a hero or maybe not.

For all of us out there, who have been repeatedly told about corporate policies for whistle-blowing, and how you shall be protected if you speak up the truth of any wrongdoing in your organisations, this, this right here is the harsh reality of being a whistle-blower. Your fate may not be any different, your organisation may react similarly. That, my friend, is the bottom line!

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Do vote for Assange on the TIME website for the Man of the Year:


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