RIP – Canon Powershot A540

It is not only the living who are killed in war. – Isaac Asimov

Okay there is no war to report here, just wondering if my Canon Powershot would ever win a war against any DSLR. I have finally migrated to a new camera, the Singapore trip (travelogue still a Work in Progress) was the last trip it would have covered. Post my last weekend’s trip to Delhi I have finally picked up my Canon Rebel XSi, thus forcing the Powershot A540 into retirement.

The Point and Shoot had been a great travel companion for 5 years, while people expect very less from Point and Shoots, I believe it gave me more value that a normal user would  probably extract. We both knew each other very well, and the expectations of imagery and results were never disappointing.

Do visit the last trip of the Powershot here>

Am still trying to find my way around the DSLR, the truth is that we both are still not in the rythm. I am still learning the ropes and understand how to use the camera. I know the Rebel will outsmart the Powershot by miles, but we aren’t friends yet…it’ll still be sometime till the Rebel takes the place of the Point ‘n’ Shoot. It may sound silly but understanding to use a device is akin to having a relationship with one.

Thank you Powershot A540 for eternalizing some great moments of my life. You shall not be forgotten!


2 thoughts on “RIP – Canon Powershot A540

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog while searching a photograph oh ‘Makhan Malai’ or ‘Nimish’. And I just loved your so very simplistic and un-pretentious (whatever is the spelling) style of writing…

    Even I have had this lonngg desire to buy a DSLR but the very idea that this camera is almost useless to capture a flying moment has kept me away from my purchase… hope you have a great time with your new possession..


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