Another trip round the Sun

One of those personal posts….

Today is the eve of my 27th birthday, an event which I have come to dislike over the years. It shall be the third birthday in five years which I’d be spending with just  myself. This celebration of a another trip round the sun does not really bring me any more joy, as always I’d try to play it down and pretend that it is just another day. Unfortunately the awareness of it being another birthday would still remain at the back of my mind, and make me miserable. Many would forget to wish me, specially the ones I’d hope would remember…I’d be blamed for not having it up on facebook. Have had a string of unpleasant birthdays in the past, so shouldn’t expect more.

I’d just hope the day to pass…a busy one so that I can crib about work instead 🙂

Here’s to another lonely birthday. Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Another trip round the Sun

  1. Smiiiiiileeeeee! 🙂 It’s your birthday! 🙂 You can’t start this day with a post like this… Go out and have fun! Waiting to see a post that says how nice your day was. Happy Birthday again! Enjoy! 🙂

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