Swiss Travels – I

Its been 3 full days and a night since I arrived in Geneva, Switzerland. My first ever trip outside India, and to the envy of everyone to the most beautiful place on earth! With this trip I also began one of the things I wanted to do before 30.

I had always imagined that my first trip outside India would be filled with excitement right before I’d leave, however, it hasn’t really been the experience. The travel plans and stay were sketchy till the moment we reached Geneva, and of course the purpose of the visit is business. I have been loaded with so much work that they have even estimated my weekends in the work plan, which means I am locked up at office and am getting to see nothing at all…atleast for the next 14 days.  I’d try to sneak out a bit sometime.

Anyhow, having seen only bits an pieces of the place between my hotel to the office…I observed and laughed at the fact that the cute hotel receptionist’s name is Elodie…which remarkably sounds similar to a hindi gaali!

People love to wish you Bon Jour everyday while meeting you at the office lift, even if they may not know you. Somehow my perverted mind feels like replying to them in another hindi gaali…just for the fact that I can get away with it 😛

But the truth is that people are nice, yesterday we were getting soaked while waiting for our bus in the drizzle and this lady passed us by, she came back and made us move to the bus stop’s shelter nearby so that we do not get wet. The fact being we didn’t share a common language as I know nothing of French.

Geneva has a very good rule of giving free bus/train passes to people if they stay in any of the city hotel for all their stay, this saves you a lot of money and of course easies your life.

Public displays of affection is quite common here, people would be walking around and suddenly start hugging and kissing at any junction or public place, like as if they had this sudden urge and couldn’t hold themselves back. Strangely it seems okay and not awkward!

Geneva enjoys a fair mix of people from around the world, the ongoing world cup is a witness to  the same…today saw Algerians creating a ruckus before their match with UK, two days ago people were running around Brazlian colors too…its a truly cosmopolitan place. Yesterday the Swiss win over Spain resulted in a 10% discount of all products at a local supermarket chain!

It is okay to show bare chested women in TV ads here, saw this eye popping Denim after shave’s ad which would have made RSS, VHP and the likes back home gone crazy! If only HUL could show those ads in India, I bet they’d treble the sales of the products!

It rains each evening, it doesn’t get dark until 9-9.30 PM which I think is awesome! French has made my life difficult as a vegetarian, can’t read the food menu properly, I think I may have nibbled half a chicken sandwich yesterday thinking it to be eggs than chicken 😦

Hope to take pictures soon and know the place more than just street side observations….for now the desi bhaiyya would sign off!


2 thoughts on “Swiss Travels – I

  1. Hey Dude, Awesome. I could visualize it all. I envy you! I really do. You lucky bastard. Click 149560 million pictures and send them to us. Eagerly waiting for them. Take care and be watchful. I heard men-rape is very common in France. And, cute guys like you are a delicacy for them. Lol..Apni izzat bachaa ke aana. Looking forward to reading more of your experience there.


  2. Hey good one Ankur! Seems like an awesome place. Do post the pics and have a great time.

    Just loved the name of receptionist 🙂


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