Twitter Clients for Nokia – A shootout

I had been promising a blog post if someone suggested me Nokia Symbian based Twitter clients. So here it is, a set of 4 free clients tested on my Nokia 5230 3G phone.  Hope one of these fits the bill for you, almost all of them are easily available over Nokia Ovi or otherwise(have given a link though). Of course I have not tested Gravity, because it is a paid app.


Snaptu is a Java based client and as a result supported on a variety of phones, which makes it an attractive application. Another key advantage being that it is more like a mashup of different applications like Facebook, Weather, Twitter, Picasa at a single place. The user can add or remove his favorite applications as provided by Snaptu.

I have been a loyal Snaptu user since I bought my phone and have been using it primarily for Twitter.  The biggest issue which I faced with Snaptu is on screen rotate, in order to fit in to the rotated screen the application tries hard to fit in but almost always gets stuck at ‘Rotating…’ and I ended up restarting my cell to get the app back on. This is quite annoying if your phone has an accelerometer and supports screen rotate.


  • Java application, runs on many phones including older N Series phones
  • Wide range of apps can run through Snaptu, making it a powerful single point of access
  • Auto updates silently as key app runtimes are downloaded on runtime
  • Good Interface
  • Supports Retweet, DM, URL access
  • Separately shows Updates and @ tweets, which makes it a very powerful twitter client


  • Gets stuck at screen rotate
  • Speed


As the name goes, Tweets60 is for Symbian 6 OS. It is a very light client, particularly quick to install and use on Nokia phones. Touted as the next big thing after Gravity, I tested TweetS60 Lite on my phone, hoping that it could just be the end of the search.

Post login the application doesn’t show any signs of trying to update my timeline. It’s a long wait as the polling settings are manual. This enables you to save GPRS bandwidth if its expensive on your side of the world.

Ok so I now selected the Refresh setting from the Options Menu(not as navigable as Snaptu), but this User Interface would definitely be very useful on a non-touch phone where two menu options at the bottom are to be used for almost everything.

The application did refresh my timeline, but scrolling is painful, not as smooth as Snaptu and I ended up using the stylus. The Profile images never refreshed and while the timeline is updated I cannot scroll through.


  • Made for Symbian
  • Light
  • Supports all basic functionalities including following, unfollowing, RT etc…
  • Can easily minimize the application to background
  • Stable


  • Interface not as colorful/cool as other clients
  • Does not fully utilize touch features of your phone, although rotating works well.


STEW is a widget for Nokia phones and can be easily integrated on the main screen shortcuts of your phone. I had read amazing reviews about STEW on the net, so decided to test it out myself.

STEW opens through the browser of your phone, although this may not be noticeable.

I dab the application to open it, and wait…the screen goes blank! I get a feeling that it is hung up but no, it comes back to life…a good 7-8 seconds of staring at the blank screen. Okay so here I got, entering my login credentials, and the screen pops a warning that the login details are being sent as plain text and would not be encrypted!

Then the cool STEW interface pops up. I love the color theme and cool icons, but the application doesn’t support most of the common twitter features. All I can do is update status, search for tweets or view the refresh settings. Moreover, on screen rotate the timeline text does not justify within the screen edges, thus not readable.


  • None really, except the interface


  • Very slow load times
  • Very limited tweeting support, unless you with to type @ or RT yourself
  • Text justification goes for a toss when the screen is rotated

Nokia Messaging for Social Networks (BETA)

The is the last application I tested on my Phone. As you can see it is still in BETA, and is freely downloadable on Ovi.

The communities application supports facebook and MySpace too, the user needs to add his account details and can simultaneously login into these services.

The loading time is slick and the interface is quite comfortable. The best feature is a right side pane on the screen which has shortcuts for DM, RT, @ and favorites. It makes it very easy to use the application, it also has a planned support for uploading images directly from the phone and tweet them. There is also a drop down which can be used to select twitter pages as on the website.

One downside of the application is the constant popups requests for internet connection authentication which renders it almost impossible to use on my phone. Maybe other users do not get those popups.


  • Nokia’s native application
  • Supports Facebook and Myspace too
  • Smooth interface
  • Supports most common twitter features
  • Screen shortcuts


  • Still in Beta
  • No option to save login details
  • Annoying Internet authentication popups

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