Hair strands falling off my head….

Yep! Like the French army fled against the British in the Battle of Agincourt, my hair strands have decided the give up and flee from my scalp. Needless to say it just takes away a bit more of the already low levels of self confidence I had about my looks.

If looking at the stranger in the mirror wasn’t enough, there are always infrequent observers(aka cousins and relatives) and the visits to barber which serve as a cruel reminder that I may be going bald.

A few months ago, on a visit to my home for a family event, a cousin observed, “Arre you have lost so much hair!”. Not only did i want to retort back by saying,”Oh yeah! When did this happen, they were all there like last night when i checked! Strange, I didn’t know!” I also wanted to top it off by boxing him in the face.

A few months later, a visit to the hair salon(the frequency of these trips have already dropped now!), the barber giggled and said,”Arre Sir! What happened, you have so little hair left on the scalp!” I just muttered,”You that means less revenue for you and more savings for me!”

Last month my sister send me a big bottle of shampoo from the US(yeah imported shampoo!), and it struck me…it could very well be the last bottle of shampoo I’d ever need!

Even dad now looks weirdly at me, I know he’s looking at the scalp and its last few battalions. I know that he is thinking, how could this egg-to-be ended up in my family of good haired people. Frankly, I haven’t gotten a clue, maybe its genetics or maybe its water…all I know is that with each passing day my head is getting smoother.

I know everyone would reach there in another decade, its just that I am reaching there first! I always liked to get attention, but being the only egg in the house doesn’t do me much good. Of course I’d expect the ladies to look beyond the obvious in me(while I may not be reciprocating that!)…and yes research says that balding is also a sign of virility!(Okay my only selling point!)

Neither is it controllable, nor did I bring it upon me! But my hairs have decided to flee.

PS-Did you ever notice, that the MD of Marico(of all hair products like Parachute etc…) is bald! πŸ˜‰


9 thoughts on “Hair strands falling off my head….

  1. Good one!!! Dont worry…my husband will soon follow suit…though he is surely losing the competition to u (as per ur blog and the way it led my imagination) but soon he would be competing for the crowning glory :):)

  2. I sooo hate when that happens to me.
    And being a girl, that happens A Lot !! πŸ˜›
    Maybe you should go see a doc?
    My bro’s in same boat as you and he’s only 18. :/
    It can be cured in the initial stage so go get an appointment, Fast!!
    Nice writing btw. πŸ˜€

  3. @Rajnish Thanks a lot.

    @Anuja Trust me…nobody wants that glory at all!

    @Mohit Thanks Mohit. I’d like to say Amen to the MD comment πŸ™‚

    @Sakshi Ab bas jantar mantar bacha hai…even tried harry potter wala jaadu. Well, maybe I should just repeat the Beatles and say Let It Be

    @Gaurav Thanks gaurav, m glad you like my musings. I met Mr Mariwala once, I’s say he’s the best marketer ever…a bald guy making a fortune outta hair products!

  4. He he he … ascending waistline and descending hairline are surely the signals to get married fast (before the girls start noticing these two). Run Ankur Run!

    And yes, as usual nice writing πŸ™‚

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