Indian Tiger RIP

Tiger! Tiger! burning bright,
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

As an Indian I am quick to write off a myriad different things about my country,  saying that it won’t work. Today I am writing off our national animal – The Tiger (not to be confused with a certain Tiger woods, who has been a real tiger in bed of late!).

With just 1411 of these wild beasts left alive in India (out of the only 3500 left alive around the globe), this may just be the end of the Tiger. Project Tiger was launched back in 1973 in order to conserve these animals; the numbers increased from 1827 to around 3500 in the 90s. However, the number dwindled to 1411 in the last decade.

Save Our Tigers is a campaign to raise awareness and concern about the state of the national animal. Do visit the website and make your pledge.

Honestly I don’t know whether my blogging about tigers could make a difference; for its just a form of opinionated inaction”


5 thoughts on “Indian Tiger RIP

  1. It might just. A lot of people might not know something and might just stumble upon your blog and get to know about it. And the more such posts we have the more the chances of information reaching the right people. So spread the word.

  2. I liked the post, which is bang on target. But, I’m surprised to see the abrupt expression of disappointment by the end of it…

    “Pen is mightier than the sword” anytime, more so in today’s era of the web & an ever powerful media, dear Ankur!

    I don’t see any point in blogging/writing about something which we ourselves don’t believe in. If you think, you can, you will!

    Hence, be optimistic and keep doing the good job, which is the best an individual blogger can – spread the word around, dutifully. Good luck! Cheers, Ankur!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks. I guess my disappointment also comes from that fact that i’d like to do more about this than just blog or tweet (incidently my tweet on the issue was retweet by shashi tharoor and got plenty of attention), couldn’t we do more than this?

      Thanks a lot for your support. And yes, I liked your post too.

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