Mumbai Local

Everyday, my local train leaves Dadar station at 8.41 AM to reach Thane at 9.10 AM Precisely at 9.08, we’d all get up from our seats and lineup on in such a way that the incoming rush at Thane station doesn’t kill us.

As the train draws to a halt, a swarm of screaming people glides in…hurting unsuspecting individuals standing at the door, for they thought that the crowd would allow them to get down first. Its terrifying at times, people can get seriously hurt.

Having lived most of my days in not-so-cluttered environs, I fail to understand why would people risk their lives to reach to their workplaces in time. Is work that important? Probably, India’s Got Talent could pick a few gymnasts from the mumbai local horde!

Okay, having scared the reader enough of the local train crowd, i’d bring back today evening’s incident which made me feel different about the same people who seem so mad each morning.

On my return journey tonite, the train stopped at Vikhroli…a blind man was trying to find his way on the platform…almost bumping at the pillars or the seats. Every now and then a passerby would guide him…and save him from hurting himself. Every few seconds i felt that he might hurt himself…but someone always was around to help him out…While my train started moving on, a passerby just held this man’s walking stick and guided him all the way out.

These are the same people I am afraid of each morning in the train; and now I respect them each day too.
Someone was absolutely correct when he wrote:
Aye dil hai mushkil jeena yahan. Zara hat ke zara bach ke. Ye hai bombay meri jaan


8 thoughts on “Mumbai Local

  1. Yes…. the spirit of Mumbaikars! …… Saints and Shaitaans sewn together in same human body! 🙂 ……

    Very nice read! …. Short & Crisp…. Keep writing…..


  2. Good that you started writing again…

    I have been lucky (or unlucky) to travel in Mumbai local only twice and the experience was dreadful as an amateur to this. Guess what, when I was coming out (against the tide of people rushing in), my bag slipped off my shoulder and I was standing on the platform with the only the strap in my hand. The bag came tumbling after few seconds with second round of out-rush. Ha Ha …

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