Adios personal web pages

Geocities shall be closing down this year…it made me also realize that I have recently completed a decade of my being on the Internet.

Here’s the Yahoo! Profile which tells that I am member since April 1999

Back then it was so cool to have a webpage on the Internet, naturally as a 15 year old I was so inclined to have one of my own. The debate used to be between Geocities, Homestead, Tripod or Fortunecity…finally it feels that the days of free web hosting are numbered thanks to Blogging and the likes.

Here you may have a look at my website (if you have the patience to explore you shall find a few gems out there):


2 thoughts on “Adios personal web pages

  1. Geocities… I remember the days…. sigh… although I was 25 and not 15… But the feeling was the same.

    Although I like blogging (I do a lot of it myself)… I do find it hard to keep static information visible… Blogging is so unstructured, shallow (one dimensional in time) and transitory by nature that most info tends to become a moving target, findable only by Google, rather than a built in index or search.

    So, here’s to 10 years then. I’ll drink to that!

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