Throwing shoes…the be-coming of the Indian electorate!

It all began when one Iraqi gentleman threw his shoes at Dubya back in 2008. While those shoes went on to become best sellers and a fashion fad elsewhere, we at India learnt the new art of shoe throwing!

The past few weeks have resulted in atleast 3 incidents of shoe throwing at various politicians across the country on issues ranging from corruption, communism to just plain anger. While this trend has resulted in some politicians signing out of the election nominations to restriction on wearing shoes in press conferences.

On the other front certain places have also witnessed public turning violently against the certain candidates holding rallies during their campaigns. Is the the beginning of regular Indians showing their exasperation against lack of governance and utter apathy of the sitting MPs who failed to deliver the goods? Is this the end of us being mere sitting ducks?

By the way, are you voting this year? I am.



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