B Division > Batch 2007 – 2009

Coaxed and threatned here I am penning down on our B Division…aka as padhaku division, boring, nerdy and the uncool or whatever the popular mis-conception  was! So then where do I start, shall I do a Mapara and give a comment of each one of us like he did for C Division? Noo…let Mapara bask in his own glory, because i believe our division was a single organism and not just individuals brought together by the Gods of acads department. 


So what was B Division – It is a potpurri of different flavors yet one color. Dahling’s of some teacher’s (read Business Law and OR) and nemesis of others (read HR). Managed to score zero as a group in one silly Eff-See-Que of RM, and managed to bail ourselves out of it too.  Certain old men give new dimesions to how HR was studied, and then there were others(certain loud mouths) who beat the CLO in explaining HR concepts. Were to the forefront of giving timely submissions and also about not caring for Foundation exams (Oh yes! some of us have still not appeared for a few of those!). 


Singles, engaged, committed and married you name it and we have them…oh yes some of us even changed these stages while being a part of the gang. Blessed with singers, and guitarists we even have people who could put Janice(remember F.R.I.E.N.D.S) to shame. College toppers to exam floppers, from the tallest of the tall to the shortest of them all. From pure Punjabi fun to Man madrasa, from pernnial hard workers to sleephyheads(favorites of Pathak Sir) we have seen it and done it all. We have had cake officers to certain non resident students surprising even Prantosh.


…but then how did this cacophony of contradictions ended up giving perfect music? I’ll never know, sometimes things just given an impression of being impossible…but then for B division things have always been possimpible!


3 thoughts on “B Division > Batch 2007 – 2009

  1. ha ha….yea nicely put…..im a 09-11 student at scmhrd…n believe it or not…its a section ‘B’!….so here i am hoping our journey will be just as….er…..gratifying??…….but only if we get past the time crunch…!

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