Silent Conversations

You walk ahead with amazing confidence and composure,
  my eyes follow you because you are my cynosure
I wonder if you know that I desperately keep you in my vision,
  secretly hoping for you to turn and give me a glance before you escape my horizon.

Your smile is like the silvery dew drops on a spring morning,
 infectious and positive it leaves me beaming.
I hope to confine this moment forever in my mind,
  for i do not know when else would life be so kind.

Those eyes mesmerize me each moment,
putting my heart into a sweet torment.
They speak without verses,
 questions, answers and even curses.

But its your face which really heals me without a touch,
just a glimpse of this concoction makes my day.
that I don’t need any more words to say…


The above poem is still not perfected…there are gaps (specially towards the end). Suggestions anyone?


2 thoughts on “Silent Conversations

  1. A poem is an expression of a moment which is unique and peculiar in its own way…the poet just tries to express his feelings in form of couple of lines which reflect the best what he felt in that moment…one can surely rewrite a poem but writing it again in another moment is like not doing justice to those expressions of that unique moment…which means its best the way it is..unique and original..don’t ask to ruin it!

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