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Around an year ago I had done a marketing research project on Online consumer buying behaviour. The findings for my set of population estimate showed the fear of using credit cards online as being one of the major deterrants for even regular Internet users to shop online.

In the last two weeks I have been able to purchase two iPod 1 GB shuffle players for two of my friends, one of them as cheap as INR 1600 (US$ 35). The actual market price of iPod 1 GB here in Pune, India is around INR 2500, just look at the amount of savings which we did buy purchasing online!

How did we do it? 

First the How, we compared prices across sellers on, selected sellers on the basis of their feedback rating and prices they offered. Mind you that we were saving only upto 200-300 INR by this purchase. Then we used a discount coupon which emails most of its users every week and bingo! our saving multiplied and we ended up buying the product at a much better price than in the market. Moreover, this is a perfectly legal transaction with true warranty on the product.

And should you be doing it?

Well, sure if you are comfortable with online purchases already. While does offer plenty buyer protection measures, I would still suggest you to first try purchasing on online stores like etc… before moving to a seller marketplace like

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t take any responsibility of any loss or fraud which you may get yourself into by doing online purchases. Caveat emptor still applies.


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