Shape of things to come

One of the key questions which I have asked myself many times is whether I really have any acumen for business or atleast marketing. This question has been answered and yet it shall be asked again!

Anyways, yesterday I observed a tetrapack of ‘Onjus Thandai’. What surprised me was that just 3 weeks ago me and a friend of mine had recommended the same product for Haldirams in a competition. I believe we weren’t too wrong. However, I also observe that Onjus suffers from:

  1. A brand name tied well with oranges, this might just hurt them.
  2. Little distribution, very regional in availibility.
  3. Assortment – Is putting Thandai in the rack of juices a good idea?

Looking at the ‘ganjing’ trip I made today. I also observed a few changes which have hit my city Lucknow…I would just raise questions here..and avoid suggesting answers.

The Indian Coffee House is totally revamped (actually was revamped quite a while ago, but I visited it today). Now it just looks like a new age cafe than the old coffee house with wooden tables and fans hanging from metre long poles. The menu is revamped too with Italian food and a full blown Indian dinner menu as well. Prices have also gone up but still acceptable.

Now the real question is: Indian Coffee House has been, through the decades, the centre for politican and literary discussions in Lucknow. But this revamp aims to make it more relevant to the new age consumers – the youth. By doing this is it not hitting its old clientile? Afterall, the old ambience and the laid back demenour of the place is what attracted them. Moreover, are changes in the menu, christmas decoration and better decor enough to attract this new target customer?



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