Ghajini – Review

So I managed to grab tickets for the special preview of Ghajini. After the confusion of the court order on its release, I was pretty anxious whether it shall be released or not…and it did!

For those who have seen Memento, it is a nicely inspired version where Aamir takes up the role of Guy Pierce. However, while Guy was much more icy in Memento, Aamir has brought human anger and emotions to Sanjay Singhania’s character.

I guess the next fashion fad after his hairdo would be the rolled up sleeved shirts (already being sold by a leading fashion label). Anyways, so Sanjay aka Sachin suffers from antiretrograde amensia and forgets his memory every 15 minutes. He is searching for his beloved’s killer with all the tatoos and Polaroid pictures helping him add up the clues to find the man.

Asin could have waited for a meaty role, all she does in this movie is being chirpy and a good samaritan…which is quite unbelieveable at times. But she has done justice to the role and has looked pretty in all the right places.

What the movie lacks is pace and bad placement of songs which drag it down in patches. Another element worth mentioning are the action scenes which look unbelievable and are shot in a unique fast forward way…may remind you of Rajnikanth action style even.

All in all I liked the movie and would recommend it..its better than the current fare available and Aamir, as always, has delivered the goods.


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