Drawing, am i?

Remember all those childhood hobbies which you undertook? The guitar you played, the songs you sang or just the art you drew?

Well, today was one such day when I was browsing through art section of a popular bookstore and I just questioned myself: Why not draw and paint again?

My friends good, here I am 25 years old holding a set of water colors and an art book talking about art! But then I still bought it anyways. Back in my room I managed to draw my favorite Mickey mouse on some sheets, after I guess around 8 years I picked up a pencil and really attempted to draw (BTW I prefer cartoons).

It felt amazing, the focus the concentration..for once I didnt want to see my chat window or my cellphone ring (and that doesn’t happen too often). I didnt paint the artwork I drew but thats already on the cards.

Its never too late…and perhaps those special skills never die unless we really kill them!


One thought on “Drawing, am i?

  1. Very true… As I remember, I last drew a “Donald Duck” some 6 years ago 🙂

    Good to know that you re-kindled your interest.

    Hey, these stars/bubbles falling across the screen are cool – give a feel of christmas/winter.

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