The ‘King’ of Sci-fi is no more. An Obituary

I was shocked and ashamed when I got to know about the passing of Michael Crichton around 15 days later than his death. I was surprised that how did i miss this news of my favorite author’s death while being alert for all credit crunch news around the globe.

I read the my first Crichton back in 2000, when I was a 17 year old. The book was better than the movie, and it started my search for Crichton books in the library or even on the pavements. By the time State of Fear was released I had already read all the Crichton novels and was hooked onto pre-ordering his stories.

His science, blended with fiction was his key competency. Based on a typical storlyine of scientific experiments gone awry and the implications of human endeavour in science did not oust my desire to read them. His other non-scifi books like Rising Sun, The Great Train Robbery, Disclosure and Eaters of the Dead were no less exciting than the sci-fi stories.

I have told this anecdotes to plenty of friends of mine explaining how exam systems are biased in college:

Crichton admitted to having once, during his undergraduate study, copied a work by George Orwell and submitted it as his own. According to Crichton, the paper was received by his professor with a mark of “B−”. Crichton claimed that the plagiarism was not intended to defraud the school, but rather as an experiment. Crichton believed that the professor in question had been intentionally giving him abnormally low marks, and so as an experiment Crichton informed another professor of his intentions and submitted Orwell’s paper as his own work.  

I shall miss his stories in the years to come, there have been few who are appreciated and who research their science was well as he did. I don’t think there shall be another like him in the years to come.


Michael Crichton. Author. Film maker. Doctor.



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