Walking Stick blues…

Just think of this, what is the probability of losing the ferrule(the rubber knob at the base) of my walking stick into a manhole with small circular holes just big enough to fit in the ferrule and the walking stick?

So here I was returning from breakfast, limping my way back to the hostel when I somehow managed to slip in a part of my walking stick into one of the 6-7 circular holes of this cement manhole cover! Before I could realize the implications, I pulled the stick out..and Lo behond it came out sans the ferrule!

Mortified, Petrified and stupified I went back to my room…attempting to find a temporary fix to the problem. For this I also raised a question on Yahoo! Answers.

Current update is that I do have a temporary fix in place. Still looking for a better one.

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3 thoughts on “Walking Stick blues…

  1. Ha Ha Ha

    There is saying in hindi. kismat kharaab ho to oont par baithe aadmi ko kutta kaat jata hai!

    next time find a new way to lose that ferrule. (BTW, did u know what that was called before this happened? 😉

  2. हा हा हा … बड़ा मज़ा आया पढ़ कर …

    पोस्ट भी और अभिषेक की “टिपण्णी” भी …

    Btw, start walking without stick now … do some flexes and be on your feet soon.

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