GTalk forgets to refresh names!

This is not a new observation, plenty of the users have noticed this in GTalk but it deserves a post…aren’t we all marketing Google’s products by bashing them around as well?

Anyways, if you haven’t noticed GTalk adds new contacts as per their names given on Orkut, and to top it it never refreshes them. So some of my friends here who used to change their Orkut names as a means to reflect their status (many still don’t use the status option in Orkut). The end result, the old names+statuses never go away(even when the Orkut names have been updated) until I decide to rename the contacts. 


3 thoughts on “GTalk forgets to refresh names!

  1. Hmmm…. I haven’t used GTalk (not by option, but by force – not open in my company. :)), so can’t say about this.

    But something similar I have witnessed in the “Blogroll” widget of “Blogspot”. The posts in this widget don’t get refreshed until you login.

    Btw, how is your fracture recovery going along?

  2. GTalk is the worst messenger i’ve ever used
    It never changes the name. Whenever some friend join u on orkut, the friend gets added into ur account with the name he used on orkut…and it is never gonna change even when the friend changes his name on orkut.

    it is light weight however but how does it matter when PCs with plenty of RAM and resources are in general use

    Fcuck GTalk….Use Y! M

  3. Well in a way it makes sense not refreshing names. Consider the situation where ur friend frequently changes his name in orkut and each time u look at gtalk wondering whose could it be….

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