Get Google Chrome-ified!

I am sure that plenty more bloggers have already posted their reviews of Google’s new web browser Chrome, many of them might be more technically erudite than me; but what the heck! Here’s my take on Google Chrome which I have been using since the last 14 hours now!

The striking observation on the first start of the browser would be the placement of Tabs on the top, there is no File Menu (hidden or otherwise) instead you have a file icon on the right side of the Address Bar.

The interface is uncluttered and sleek, and the browser opens in a jiffy quite faster than Internet Explorer 7.0 or Flock on my computer, which is very admirable.

Another great feature is that every tab exists as an individual process, so in case of an application crash (which IE seems to have often with Adobe Acrobat) only that tab dies and the rest are saved from annihilation.

There is no search tab  you do it only from the address bar, also I cannot figure out where to change my default search engine. Apart from this, this baby is loaded with all bells and whistles like Popup Blocker, Icognito tab (the browsing history is hidden in this case, something which we can notice in IE 8 BETA).

What it lacks is that most Advanced Options are so well tucked away that it can be a bit uncomfortable for seasoned users. It also has this constantly running process GoogleUpdate running in the background all the time, which seems utterly not critical to be running all the while.

I could also not see any support for add-ons the way Firefox does, hope its still on the cards.

Would I use it regularly? Well, I dont know…atleast till the honeymoon’s over. I do love the fact that this browser opens up in a split second.

The verdict is that Chrome shows a lot of promise, but then it doesn’t offer anything out of the world which would make you switch. Also, I am tired of Google’s perpetual BETA versions of services and software like Gmail(since 2004), Gtalk(2005) and now Chrome(2008)…what if they never cross the beta stage again?

You may download Chrome from

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3 thoughts on “Get Google Chrome-ified!

  1. Hey… shall I say ‘same pinch’? I quite liked chrome too… been using it for just over a day..

    What I liked most is that during installation it was able to import all my Bookmarks and Favs from IE. Saved me a lot of trouble.

    As for changing the default search engine, go to OPTIONS on the right most top side of the browser window and change the search engine option in ‘BASICS’.

  2. Removing the search box from browser is the worst they could have done.
    I had written my own custom search plugins to search Oracle’s Bug database and People Search. It is so very convenient using these plugins to search from the browser itself rather than opening Bug DB or Aria!

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