DELLirious DELLirium!

Many feel India is a place of rope tricks and snake charmers; people filled with superstitions and what not tantric mania. Well, for once, I guess I forgot to consult my astrologist before buying my forsaken Inspiron an year ago. To top it, I committed another mistake, I took only 1 year warrenty cover expecting that all regular cuts and burns of the laptop would be fixed by then.

Lets have a look at the last year’s roster of fixes done on the laptop and then read the newest of them bugs!

  • Processor replaced (oh yes! even this happened)
  • RAM Replaced (because they couldnt figure out that the problem was with the processor)
  • DVD Drive Replaced (3 months ago, and the problem is back in this one too)
  • Power Adapter and cable (conked off due to voltage fluctations

The current issue is simple; the machine refuses to boot up most of the days. I try not to shut it down at all because I don’t know whether it would boot at all! As it used to get stuck up at the CMOS test I guessed it might be the CMOS battery but even after replacing that it doesn’t work! I was forced to renew my warrenty(which I otherwise didn’t plan to), because I feel the worse.

Lets see, the motherboard hasn’t been replaced yet isn’t it?



2 thoughts on “DELLirious DELLirium!

  1. Whoa… I know how you feel. In 13 years of being a consumer I have faced several problems with many goods that has actually sworn me off new purchases. So even though my washing machine is 12 years old, Im not buying a new one coz this one is trouble free and there is abs no saying if the new one will be too!!!!

    Sad na?

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