The Single Calorie Hamburger


‘Breakthrough’ read the New York Times, Nature called it as the end of the world obesity crises. With his unical Hamburger, John Gates, a relatively unknown entreprenuer from Texas has zoomed into popularity and because a celebrity himself.

Scientests and nutritionists have been baffeled with this unique offering offered specially and uniBurger joints all across the country has uprooted the consumer of base of the likes of Whitecastle and McDonalds. Even the neigbourly diners have been shaken up!

‘The discovery has not been easy! We have designed a process to extract all the fat and carb molecules from the ingredients, without affecting the flavour’, said Mr Gates.

‘When the key ingredients like flour, cheese, beef and mayonnaese interact with the extractors of our process, they lose their ability to add fat and extra carbs to the offering. We have already patented the process, and our dream to end the obesity epidemic shall be fulfilled’

Mr Gates detractors are wary of his finds and are worried about possible negative impacts of the food being offered. The prime worry is the risk which always  has been associated with GM modified foods coming true.

‘We have found part answer to the quote mentioning that everything good in life is either fattening or married! I believe that McDonalds shall be a thing of the past, with our safe technology food lovers need not worry about the ill effects of their love for flavor food. Soon you shall see uniCal’s Hot Dogs, fries, Steaks and sausages.’

Upon being asked why the name uniCal, Mr Gates smiled and said,’Honestly our burgers add upto 6 calories per meal, however a normal human spends upto 5 calories munching the meal. As a result the net addition of calories is just 1, thats how the name uniCal comes from!’

The first advertisement of the product showed Gisele Bundchen munching onto cheeseburgers with ease with a catch line, ‘Now even size 0 doesn’t mean going hungry!’ This Superball advertisement has had immense impact on people, who have flocked to uniCal outlets ever since!

TIME magazine claims it to be the find of the century, way above the iPod or Nintendo Wii! Mr Gates is one of the top contenders for TIME Man of the year!

‘Ankur, Ankur…get up! Tea is ready’
‘Hmm…’, I can see my dad calling from the corner of my eye, its time to get up!
Sigh…I wish I could continue that dream…and be the solution to the obesity problem! But instead I shall treat myself with a 100 calorie tea!

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