Thinking without a language!

This is something on which I had a discussion with a friend who is studying in the University of Arizona on Cognition and Computation. Don’t be scared; the question is very simple and you can immediately test it out:

It is extremely difficult for people to think without using a language in their minds!

Now, try thinking about, say, going to a movie or eating your favorite food WITHOUT using any words at all. This brought me to the real question about ‘How did people think when language was not invented, or say how to animals think if they do not have a linguistic media to communicate’

Am sure a lot of research is already being done on this; and I am not the first one to realise it! Maybe science and psychologists can find an answer.

PS-This is my 100th post! Feels good that I could sustain this blog and haven’t abandoned it!


2 thoughts on “Thinking without a language!

  1. Your answer is probably pictures. We made pictures in mind rather than use any language !

    Its tough for us to do it w/o any language because from childhood we heard of language and it get associated with our action, when we think, we think of those lines which is associated with that action or combination of it.
    This is how i define human mind, it is a just like a robot mind with infiniteness memory and an intellegent way to know what memory need to use at what time.

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