Was missing due to exams, just got a breather for two days so am writing something which I discovered tonight. Maybe a lot of people don’t know that Lucknow is not only a city in UP, India. There are three more Lucknow towns/estate in Canada and Australia!

I hail from Lucknow, the constantinople of India. A city of 3 million people; with its historical beginning said to be by Lord Laxman, and the original name being Lakshman tila(stone). Over the ages the name changed to Lakhnau, and later to Lucknow by the British.

The other Lucknow found on Google was the Lucknow estate in Moultonborough, New Hampshire, Canada. This estate was started in 1914, with its beautiful surroundings over 4200 acres of forest.

Another Lucknow is a town in New South Wales, Australia. It is a historic gold mining village, the second place in Australia where gold was first discovered. The village was established in 1838, the naming does have an interesting connection. The settlement was named ‘Lucknow’ in 1863. Some say this was a reference to the good fortune the town proffered (i.e., luck now) while others claim it was named by the mine bookkeeper after the siege at Lucknow in India in which he may have been wounded.

The last Lucknow in my search is in Lee County, South Carolina. Lucknow is a small settlement in Lee County which was the terminal of a logging railroad that began at Atkins. A large saw mill was once located near Lucknow to cut the virgin long-leaf timber in that area. The railroad was partially completed by Captain Atkins but was later sold to Bridges and
McKeithern of Darlington. The name Lucknow is reportedly attributed to one of the firm’s members who exclaimed, “We are in luck now,” when he looked at the stand of virgin timber.

Cool, ain’t it. It shall be fun to visit these places!


2 thoughts on “Lucknow

  1. What a coincidence that I am going to be in Lucknow for a brother’s engagement in April. Now I know who to ask about the shopping/sightseeing/lolling places in Lucknow….!!!!

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