Google Legal?

Was just thinking, after G00gle Scholar, G00gle Patents/Research why not have a Google legal or Live Legal? A web search through the plethora of legal cases and laws helping attorneys enhance and simply their work which is so much dependent on cross-referencing older cases and laws. I guess this might just make up a nice application (hope this idea isn’t stale).

Additional features for cross-referencing and saving the searches may help the legal profession tremendously, maybe shall also rake in a lot of moolah too.


3 thoughts on “Google Legal?

  1. Not a bad thought! I googled it and guess what ur post is 4th on the list 🙂 btw ur not a lawyer by any chance are u?

    thnx for ur footprints on my page


  2. Google is planning out a Baap of all this ideas.. by the name “Knol” .. hope you heard of it !. Its in internal testing for now.. Waiting for that.. !

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