Making Gmail work with Yahoo! Groups

Here’s something which made me allow send messages to my Yahoo! Groups from Gmail. The task at hand was to forward event mails to our college’s Yahoo! Group. Being repititive I wanted to auto-forward mails to the Yahoo! Group. However, am not a Yahoo! Mail Plus user so I opted for GMail, and edited my Group members to recieve mail from ‘’

Unfortunately, Yahoo! mentioned that this email address wasn’t allowed to mail to Yahoo! Group. Well, that was bad, but a bit of exploring on GMail fixed it.

Objective: Cheating the Yahoo! Groups to get emails from my GMail Account.

  1. Login to the GMail Account
  2. Goto Settings>Accounts Tab
  3. Click on Add another email address in the Send Mail As… section
  4. A Pop up appears.
  5. PopUp
  6. Enter your Yahoo! Email address in the Email Address Field.
  7. Complete the verification process (you would have to open Yahoo! Mail for this).
  8. Now Compose Mails and send mails to your Yahoo! Groups, without opening Yahoo! Email. The logic is that GMail makes Yahoo! Groups think that emails are coming from the Yahoo! Account only.
  9. Yeah, you cannot recieve emails back to the GMail id, until you configure it as a POP3 id (which would divert all your Yahoo! Mails to GMail)

13 thoughts on “Making Gmail work with Yahoo! Groups

  1. I don’t understand why you had to go to this trouble. I have gmail and I can post to my Yahoo groups from my gmail account just fine.

    The one issue is that my posts don’t come back to me (this is a “feature” of gmail, apparently) unless either someone replies to them or I am signed up to recieve the digest, in which case my message will appear within it.

  2. agree with Liz’s comments here. in fact, you can configure multiple email addresses in yahoo!groups and pick which address to send the messages coming to the group.

    1. Hey

      Well I used keep getting this repeated error from Yahoo! Groups that my Gmail address was bouncing all the while! So this was a workaround.


  3. I think the key here and the reason that Ankur had to setup his account this way is because he is trying to forward from his gmail account. You should be able to send emails directly from the gmail account without any issues, but when you want to send an email to gmail and have it forward to Yahoo Groups is the problem.

  4. Ehm…is this work around still working ?

    I did as your tip but an email that I forwarded to Yahoo’s Group did not appear on my group at Yahoo. Instead Yahoo sent it to my Yahoo’s email address.

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  7. I’m not sure if this relates to my problem. I can send and receive in my online gmail account no problem but on my pc I use Thunderbird. When using Thunderbird I don’t receive messages I send to my groups. Is there a way to correct or get round this please.

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