There are days when nothing seems to go right, right from the moment you are out of bed to the nightfall moment of slumber. Its when you question life, your existence and perhaps your utility in this world. Contrasting, there are days when you feel invincible, when nothing goes wrong, when everything seems to be happening for your happiness and achievement.

Many of us hope to achieve things extraordinary, being a face in the crowd, doing something which may awe everyone. Its this desire which gets lost amongst the truth and harshness of everyday life.

I may have hoped to be someone extraordinary, but already into my quarter life, its been just flashes of genius and a whole lot of average-ness. Maybe its early to pass on a judgement on myself, but the inertia and the lack of knowing what is to be done next is missing. Its everyday reality to me, to be average, to be a part of the crowd, moving ahead in a single mass.


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