The last few years have seen a spurt in Oscar winning movies like Hotel Rwanda, Blood Diamond, and The Last King of Scotland, is it just to bring the attention of the world towards the Dark Continent and its numerous countries suffering under violence and abject poverty or is it an expression of showing how the place of birth may affect a human’s right to live.

Ecologically, and resource right countries are fighting for their very survival in a World which fails to take drastic steps. While I used to predict that a decade down the line we all shall be fighting to secure markets in Africa, for the other current opportunities may well be just all too competitive to exist. Today, I feel its a long way to go to reach the basic requirements of existence in most of the countries in the continent.

Maybe you want to be the change for Africa, please volunteer through UN, and make a difference.


One thought on “Africa

  1. Hi Ankur. I am a student of NUJS Kolkatta currently working at Breakthrough, Delhi. This post is most interestingly written and very sensitively deals with the pertinent issue of violence as a stepping stone towards disaster. And you have managed to put the issue in focus quite well.
    Well, I work on a youth oriented site called and would love for you to blog on it. Posts like this one, which bring to the fore discussions and debates carrying on in the cultural world around sensitive topics like Domestic Violence. This we do, on the Bell Bajao site as well. We have blogs on similar styles and themes, analysing pop culture elements on Domestic Violence in particular and Violence against Women in general in a category called “Culture Today”.
    Please visit the site and do write back to me at about your thoughts on the campaign.And if you’re interested, do blog on the site as well. And if you’re a regular blogger, we’d be happy to put you on our blogroll and crosslink your blog page on our site.

    Thanks and hoping to hear from you,

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