Fusion Musik

Last evening, a group of us SCMHRDians ventured to IIIT Pune (I square IT, as they call it, but why not I cube T??). Their fest Dhruva is on these days, and Indian Ocean band performed there yesterday.

It had been a while since I had heard music by them, and the first time I was in an Indian Ocean concert. The music was so different from the regular pop which I am so used to. But the extensive use of acoustics, folk instruments, tubthumping and the way they enjoyed playing the music was enthralling.

While I am still not conversant with the lyrics, but the music is so soulful. At moments, you just felt the rhythm within you. It was as if those indecipherable words were the sounds by primitive men, who made tunes without the lyrics as we know them today.

Indian Ocean is an 18 year old band, known for its Indian Rock-Fusion music, with themes based on nature and folklore. It is quite niche but has a strong fan following.


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