Sinhagad Fort

Pune Gate, Sinhagad Fort

Finally I could visit Sinhagad (or Singhad) Fort today with a friend of mine. We started at around 8.30 AM, and it was almost a 90 minute bike ride from SCMHRD campus to Sinhagad Fort. The morning was quite cold, and we both shivered our way to the top of the hill.

Reaching the top, we were welcomed by a hot cuppa of tea by a local villager who runs a tapari. We then moved ahead to circle the fort and cover all the outposts which perhaps were strategic locations for soldiers of Shivaji around 400 years ago.

The history of the fort is about the exploits of Shivaji’s Commander Tanaji Malasure, he led Shivaji’s army to capture the fort which has strong outposts on three sides in the Battle of Sinhagad. The fourth side is like a cliff, and they captured the fort from the Mughals a la Lakshyastyle. It is said that Tanaji used giant monitor lizards to climb up the fort from the cliff side, during the battle Tanaji was seriously wounded and died at the time of victory. Since then the Fort which was then called ‘Kondana’ was renamed as ‘Sinhagad’ or The Lion’s Fort.

The fort is also famous because of Lokmanya Tilak’s house on top of it, built in 1915. Today it houses the Doordarshan transponder, and is a tourist spot.

We visited the three key outpost points on circumference of the fort, it was a treat to the eyes, and lovely sight. The ruins have a story to tell, and tracing the path of once brave soldiers in history is an experience to live. I did manage to click a good number of photos of the trip, can be visited at :

The Fort is also an amazing place to treat the taste buds with authentic Maharashtrian food sold at various small shops within the fort compound. I ate jhunka-bhakari (jowar roti and besan veggie), with matki curd and lemonade. While the bill was on the higher side, it more than worth it(especially the curd, it was yum!).

If you are going there, suggest time would be either sunrise or sunset, you could also opt for a trek from the bottom of the hill.


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