Que significa anos nuevos?

Probably I am the only guy on this hostel floor who isn’t out partying or on a trip..afterall its new year. I cannot offer any plausible justification of my inability to revel tonight. For again, its just a change of dates, life tomorrow morning shall remain the same. I could be branded as being a bore, who is needlessly being critical about the event, honestly, it ain’t fun to sit alone & blog and neither it is to go out!

An year ago, a bunch of us friends decided to visit an old age home (I couldn’t visit it, but i contributed nevertheless) and tried to spread smiles on the new year. This year, my friends wished to help a child for her lung treatment, but yesterday the child died…money couldn’t make a difference…

I wonder how many 31st December’s remain, the only resolution I can think of tonight is the one to attempt to make the most of the time which is left with me…

Happy New Year


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