Its real!

It has begun, and we never know whether we can fight it.

This threat is real, tropical diseases like Chikungunya have started moving to Europe. Thanks to the warmer tempratures which now enable carrier insects like the tiger mosquitoes to survive in places where they aren’t normally found. In a recent news from Italy, the village Castiglione suffered an outbreak of Chikungunya, a disease which they had never heard of, from the carrier mosquitoes which earlier had never thrived there.

This is the beginning of the threat of tropical diseases spreading over to warming europeans countries, its no more a threat, its happening.

It also reminds of a news earlier this year which talked about snowfall in Dubai, something which never ever occured earlier in recorded history! All these news articles just take up a minor part of our newspapers, while they are nothing  but a hint at the shape of things to come.

Global warming is REAL.


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