Death – My take

Surprisingly, nobody absolutely nobody in history has escaped death. There is no escaping it but yet we fear it, we deny it for we do not know what happens after we die…

Honestly, I don’t know what happens after we die, but I do know is that its like a sleep from which you never wake up. Every night when we sleep, I guess we don’t really know what goes on around us or within us when we are asleep. Similarly, death would be just another sleep, where you just don’t get it.

Its strange how confidently I sleep every night, thinking we would surely see the next morning.


3 thoughts on “Death – My take

  1. Reading your lines, I felt I better add in. I am not sure how to take it when you say “‘surprisingly’ nobody has escaped death”. You don’t need to escape death. It will come anyhow. Its a mere reality. No point anybody hiding or running away from it. But at the same time, its a nice thought. “death would be another sleep” 😉
    Of the many circumstances that lead to death, here’s my take on one of it.
    I think I should also comment on your last line. There would be many people who sleeps every night, HOPING that they will wake up to a new morning.

  2. Hmmm .. just read your thoughts about death…
    As per you it’s just another sleep..

    But sometimes i think it’s not sleep, rather it’s another awakening…

    It’s like imagine when you are in dream state while sleeping, u think that that’s your real world, it’s only when you wake up u, and u come out of ur dream state, realize that it was just a dream…

    similarly the life which we consider as real, just a relatively big dream and we will come out of it after death to relatively more real world… 🙂

    Who knows this might be infinite viscious circle…

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