Innocence Unknown…

The child had curious eyes, she must have been no more than 6 years of age. She entered the house by the door to the dining hall and found herself a place right at the corner below the staircase. Innocent eyes and nervous demeanour had a mystery behind that small fragile frame. I may never know, but there is no need to know it.
She had come to Lucknow as a domestic help for my cousin sister’s place, and today she was to be sent back home with my cousin brother. The reason for the return was the girl’s inability to understand what is rightfully hers and whats not.
I just wondered, this girl didn’t know that this journey home may just be the difference between her current life and what is in store for her with her mother. Her mother being is widower who is incidently a drunkard as well. I didn’t know what would happen to the poor child, her life would just go down or move up…
Three days later, today I know that her mother has run away with a man, left this poor child alone and unattended! My aunt decided to take care of her…but it is all temporary, this story isn’t over….but we may not know the end.


One thought on “Innocence Unknown…

  1. aww that is sad,that this little girl is going through all of this.Hopefully this sad strory would change to the better.with a happy ending for this little girl.And god bless your aunt.

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