Diwali Break – Its time to return

Its time to return back home, in less than 10 hours now, I shall be on the train back to Pune. Its been a great stay at home, 7 days of fun and activity.

Diwali was awesome with all the preparations that went in. I also tried my hand at making Rangoli, I think I did an okay job. The evening was all lit up with Diyas, candles and crackers.

Diwali Rangoli attempt by yours truly!

Today most of the day went in my preparations for the return, I also went for the latest flick Om Shanti Om. It was a fun movie, not too exceptional though, but a throughly enjoyable fare. Later in the evening I went for a bike ride around the city, travelled through all the streets which I hadn’t been to all the while. It felt pretty nostalgic riding through the roads which were a part of my daily route when I used to do study at school. Life’s changed so much since then, and so has the city.

Its time to return….


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