Diwali Break – Dhanteras

Its great to be home, after 5 months. Much has changed in the city, particularly the traffic has increased substantially. Another surprise is the infamous Ambedkar Park, that project of the current chief minister of UP seems to be re-constructed all again. This comes as a surprise because the Park had been completed more than 5 years ago and was open to public. I cannot understand the logic of almost reconstructing all of it! Illogical to me at the least, specially when there is a 14 kilometer long fly over awaiting completion in its last phase, stalled ever since the Government changed hands.

Anyways, its Dhanteras today, and I had a trip to the local Diwali market to buy the clay idols of Goddess Laxmi and God Ganesha. It was fun to be a part of the hustle and bustle of the market, I always enjoyed this bit of shopping in the Diwali market, it gives me the feel that the festive season has arrived. I happily clicked snaps and even recorded a small video of the paraphernalia on display. Boy, if you aren’t here then you miss all the fun!

Clay couples for Diwali…ain’t they lovely? My best pic for the day

Later, went with my grandpa to the nearby multiplex and bought advanced tickets for Om Shanti Om. Hope that it would be a good one, and then I splurged almost a thousand bucks on four books thanks to my grandpa…

I am back, but the festival has just begun, it is going to be quite at home but I know I would be enjoying every bit of it.


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