Its time for the roots

Its time to journey back, here I am sitting at the Mumbai airport sitting and waiting for my flight which is scheduled almost 3.5 hours from now. Internet has finally arrived, am using a blazing fast internet connection from Airtel, provided for free!

The airport bores a different look from the last time I visited it, it has changed so much, looks world class and nothing less. Am here with friends from college, almost 50 of us. Upto 30 of them would fly with me today morning, its good to come and hang around together.

Girls can be seen busy chatting away to glory with their boyfriends on phone, while some people have dozed off, and then there is a third species like me….

Its going to be a hard earned vacation for me, after 5 months of constant slog, and threats of having the vacations cancelled looming till last morning, its a hard fought for and earned vacation which cost me a bit of my hairline and added a few extra pounds to my waistline…

Its time to return to the mother ship. 🙂


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