I just finished watching the last episode of the last season of FRIENDS. I had never seen the series when it used to run on TV, I just caught up with it this year April.

Surprisingly, I loved all the 10 years of it, watching upto 4-5 episodes a shot at times. Its just a series, but the last epsiode emoted me a bit. Its surprising, we spend time in a place, we stay with people and when we have to move it just emotes you (at least it emotes me).

I remember spending 4 years of my life at JIIT which I always disliked during the 4 years I was there perhaps till the last day of college. I had never imagined that I shall be ever missing it, but 8 months later when I returned to college for my convocation, it became special. I still remember the last walk I from corridor to corridor, and finally the last passageway to the gate…those were 4 wonderful years of my life which I am never getting back. It was filled with good friendships, stupidity, hard work, and to some extent pain.

While four years is a big thing, even when we work together as a team on an issue which is important to us, the adjourning stage is most painful. You just get so associated with each other, so used to seeing each other everyday that the lingering feeling just stays. Neev shall be organized soon, it would require a lot of work together, and maybe a lot of us would come together, and get associated.

At the end of two years here in SCMHRD, we all shall start our professional lives. Despite of all the pain and hassle which we struggle with every day, we shall miss this place. For life would be the regulated into 9-6 outside, and we may never come back to college again worry about assignments, girls, projects or tests.

25% is over so soon….:-(


One thought on “Associations….

  1. hey,
    this is really a nostalgic post.. :))
    it brought back my MBA memories.. you’ll really cherish these moments.. however cruel some of them may be, like ur FCQs and all…
    hey would you like to be a part of “writer’s blend”? you’re quite suitable for this..
    just check it out..
    if yes, let me know on my email

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