Ya, the placement week is here. While more than 50% of the batch is already placed, I haven’t been able to make the cut. The actual process had started a week ago, with most companies not shortlisting me and a few just chucking me after the group process.

Now, I have been able to suggest and motivate people who weren’t going anywhere as well. But, last two days with over 18 companies not really interested in me has just made me feel the reality. I have just lost that positive attitude with which I could help others, because I can’t help myself either.

I had joined this B School assuming that I was good at certain things, I studied a few topics assuming that I can do a good job at them. However, with two days of disappointment I believe that I assumed wrong things. All my preferred organizations have come and gone without me. Now it doesn’t matter when and in which place I get to, I have to just accept what I receive.

It isn’t only me facin this situation, there are others too. Some blame the system and others evaluate the ones who have been selected. It doesn’t matter to me who got selected, I am no judge of other people. The bottom line to me is that I am still waiting. Tomorrow I would go back and try again, maybe get selected too, but I know I won’t be happy because it wouldn’t be my own efforts which would take me there, it would also be the pity of others underperforming so that I can make the cut.


6 thoughts on “Assumptions!

  1. Good Luck Sir..and most improtant dont loose self confidence…D-day will come soon and u’ll be very happy that day…i m saying this from my experience of placement in Btech.

  2. All the best Sir. Just go for it and soon everything will be alright.

    As someone once said “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste”

  3. Acha to tension lena suru kar diya hai phir se 😦

    Keep your spirit high and make it big one.

    Let me tell you that something Best will be sure, God has kept in store for you.

    Don`t lose patience, have faith and keep going.

    Pateince always pays MAMU.

  4. dun worry dear..u will definitely get placed in sum elite organisation…by d way ….how do dey select…imean how do dey shortlist cv…

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