Levels of Association

People associate sounds, music, and smells with events or places. So do I. This happens especially with songs, when I listen to a song after a while, I do seem to recall an associated place or event with it.

Lets see what reminds me of what…

  • Mitwa/Lets Go Party Tonite from KANK reminds of my illness at home in July 2006. That time they over-marketed this movie and its songs. They remind of the days spent on bed, wishing the sickness to go away….
  • Boro Boro from Bluffmaster, this one reminds of my first visit to Pune for SIBM GD/PI in Feb 2006, my friends here used to play this one so much!
  • Kyun Hawa from Veer Zaara, reminds me of Diwali 2004 at Noida, the only Diwali I spent away from home. I had seen this movie that day…can’t forget this one.
  • I am the best  from PBDHH, this one reminds of the Farewell party for our seniors at school. I used to whistle the tune all the while when the event was being planned!
  • Songs from Maine Pyar Kiya remind me of my first holiday with my family to Nainital when I was a kid of 6.
  • Anjane from Strings with my stay at my uncle’s place with my school friend in 2001.

There may be more than these, but its so strange how events get associated with songs. Similarly the smell of flowers of Mango trees always remind me of Holi, smell of morning air in Pune reminds me of mornings in Bangalore when I used to walk towards the Bus stop to catch a bus to office….none of these events would ever return, they are not even very significant…but they have been a part of my existance.



4 thoughts on “Levels of Association

  1. Ah nice blog. Yes they do !

    I remember when you start your winmap in college hostel and Rishabh got angry like anything 🙂 and he used to say me what type of stupid song he play 😀

  2. hey, this is so true…there are so many things which are unknowingly attached with some events, not just the great/sad ones, but even routine matters..!
    Good observation!

  3. One song you like to play alot in college ” Wo to hai albela, hazaro mein akela” 🙂

    Hope you remember the word i used to say at times in college in 7th semester ….”OH !!!! JESUUUUUSSSS CHRIST ” 😉

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