What is my Personal Orientation?

This is something which I read in my Orgy Behavior book, about personal orientations of individuals. There are broadly four categories:

  1. Competitors: People whose motive is to do better than others, beating them in competition.
  2. Individualists: People who only maximize their own gain and don’t care about others do better or worse than them.
  3. Cooperatives: People who try maximizing joint outcomes, getting as much as possible for their team.
  4. Equalizers: People who are interested in minimizing difference between them and others.

I fall in the Individualist category, where I really don’t get much bugged about others unless really forced onto it. Another point to note about people like me is that its difficult to motivate us, however, once motived through self or outside, we push past others. The point is, what motivates me?

Hmm, I wish I knew.


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