Eco Ganesh Chaturthi

A Clay Ganesh Idol

We at Sparsh have been working with Ecoexist, to propagate and inform people about the harmful impact of using Ganesh idols made in plaster of paris on water.

As a part of the campaign, our team went to one of the housing societies and presented in front of the residents to bring forward the harmful effects and also provide a viable alternative to the Plaster of Paris idols. The Plaster of Paris and the chemical paints use causes immense damage to the water eco-system at the time of immersion.

The alternative being biodegradable idols made from shaadu (natural clay) and painted using natural dyes such as turmeric, geroo and multani mitti. In fact use of clay was the original way of making the idols, but being costlier than Plaster of Paris these went out of fashion. But ecoexist has brought them back with the help of sculptors in the village of Pen.

To celebrate a safer and better Chaturthi, please visit


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